Lebanon Tennessee Features These Three Fine Restaurants And More

It is time to look at three of the best restaurants in a city in Tennessee. Tennessee has all kinds of great cities, so it was hard for me to pick one. I have featured many cities before in this state and many restaurants, and I wanted to pick a new one. So this time we are going to take a virtual look at three of the best restaurants in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The first restaurant to tell you in Lebanon is a place called Sunset. It is located on South Cumberland Street, and it is serving up great foods like pie, roast beef, banana pudding and fried okra. Roast beef is also on the menu highlights, and you can bet they have plenty of other delicious foods as well.

Next on the list of restaurants in Lebanon TN is Tom’s Blue Moon Barbecue on Park Avenue. Some of the menu highlights for this restaurant include smoked chicken, brisket and mac and cheese. Now they also have banana pudding just like the last place. I wonder which one is better. You will have to try both in order to find out.

There are a ton of other restaurants that could have made the list, but let’s go with Speedy Burrito as the last one. It sounds like a fast food place, but while it might not have been what you expected, I thought it seemed really cool. It is located on West Main Street, and it is going to be a great spot to stop for some quick Mexican cuisine.

How do you think those three places sound? Will they help you have a good time while you are in Lebanon, Tennessee? All three are great stops for meals, so enjoy your time spent in this area of the Volunteer State.

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